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About Northwest Technologies, Inc.

Northwest Technologies, Inc. (NWT) exists to serve and to grow. When Eric and Doreen Sale founded NWT in 1999, their vision was to build a company that serves employees, customers, vendors, and community while looking to God for His guidance and will. For more than two decades, service and growth have been the focus and central theme not only to who we are as individuals and as a company, but also to NWT’s Mission, Vision, and Values. From a small, leased space with their first laser, NWT has grown over the years into a full-service metal manufacturing and fabrication shop with 5 buildings, state-of-the-art equipment, and over 100,000 square feet of space.

While NWT continues to grow and improve as a company, Eric and Doreen remain committed to continuously learn what it looks like to fulfill their vision. Each connection with an employee, customer, vendor, or community member gives an opportunity to learn how to serve, grow, and be better together. Eric and Doreen strive to empower employees, promote family stability, and impact the community in a positive way. They do this by upholding Northwest Technologies’ (NWT’s) Mission, Vision, and Values.

NWT’s Mission

NWT exists to partner with customers and vendors for excellence and growth, satisfying the needs of the end-users, while creating a positive experience for customers and employees.

Our Vision

We are committed to enriching our lives, the lives of our families, and our communities. Our goal is to empower employees and help them to grow in every area of their lives. NWT genuinely cares about family and promotes family stability. Community is equally important, and we want to make a difference in community, both locally and globally.

NWT Upholds & Promotes Five Key Values

Northwest Technologies, Inc. considers our values essential to our personal and professional practices and growth. We uphold and promote the following five key values:

Family Happiness

Encouraging our employees to maintain strong family relationships by providing economic security, time flexibility, and the opportunity to live in harmony with one’s individual spiritual beliefs.


Challenging ourselves to achieve our best work and to create products that exceed industry standards while continuing to learn new ways to better serve our customers.


Demonstrating cooperation, responsibility, loyalty, professional and personal courtesy in all situations to all employees, customers, and vendors.


Practicing honesty in all situations with all people.


Being responsible managers of all our resources, materials, finances, time and giving back to our community in a spirit of generosity.

Work With Us in the Pacific Northwest

Like what you see? Eric and Doreen invite you to join the NWT team in our mission to grow personally and professionally. Because, we don’t just make parts, we make a difference!

Building Your Product Is Our Passion